Four Point Remedy

[For all problems and challenges of life]

"What is lotted cant be blotted….
None can stop the rain, but we can share an umbrella!
If we cant change the road, we can change the ride! "


Everything in Nature is colourful and god/ life has given specific colours to all living and non-living things and beings. It’s a magical game of colours and combinations. By adjusting ourselves with them we can bring the Rainbow of love, relations and success in our life!


Life is actually meaningless without digits. Whether its our birth, schooling, job, marriage or profit and loss…. All are dates and digits. Just by making good changes in our birth digits we can transform our struggle into victory.


Stone is basically the earth element, if we wear our primary elemental stone, the deficiency is beautifully balanced. Afterall we are a strange mixture of five elements.


Birth to Death, all life is measured by dates , months and years. If we befriend our basic digits, we can make a headway with flying colours.